"Thank you again for your help to date and your ongoing support. I had a fantastic night's sleep last night, the best I've had for years."

"Garry's powerful NLP techniques have a great effect. Not just in pushing past the physical and mental boundaries in the competitive martial arts world, but along with creative approaches proving applicable and effective in day-to-day life. With Garry as a coach, it almost feels like cheating!"

"Today marks six months since the passing of my partner. The last six months have been the hardest times of my life, without a doubt. I want to thank you, Garry, for holding my hand, picking me up and dusting me off to get mewhere I am today!"

"Garry is an outstanding coach. He couples huge knowledge, gained from many years of experience, with a friendly and approachable personality."

"Garry is a talented, thoughtful and inspiring man who wants only the best for those who are willing to commit to their personal development. He will do everything in his power to encourage and support this commitment, nurturing a pay-it-forward attitude in all those he helps to succeed, leading them to do the same for both themselves and others. Always proud to learn from him!"

"Thank you for the session this morning, Garry, I loved it. Returning to work with you is always a top priority whenever I am back in Hereford."