I owe the idea of this to Pam Grout, and her wonderful book "E3". Thank you, Pam, for the inspiration.

If you attended my talk at the The Best You Expo in London, you will have a head start on this experiment. I would like you approach this as a scientific measurement of a practical experiment on the subject of Givers Get. Namely, that if you willingly hand out money to people, the Universe (or whichever term you wish to use) will return the intention by at least the power of three. In reality, the message will be as important as the financial contents.

Procedure: Buy some envelopes to house a pound coin or, if you are able, a £5 note and also a message saying "A gift from the Universe". Mark the outside of each envelope with the heading "Please open - A Gift for You".

The fun bit is leaving your envelopes in random places for people to discover. Make it a real challenge to not be seen by CCTV, Stay anonymous. Try book stores, coffee shops, bus shelters etc. - use your imagination. Set a time and a place with the envelopes that fit your budget. Remember, the message is imperative, plus some money and remain anonymous.

Before you distribute your envelopes, create a scientific log with good, old fashioned pen and paper (it's important to hand write the log, and not use a PC, tablet or phone). First, record the date, the time, and your name. Then your deadline. (Expect a result in 72 hours from your start time).

Theory: Givers get back more than they put in.

Question: Will I be able to consciously account for a return of money to verify the above theory?

Hypothesis: If I change my beliefs, I can change/observe an outcome that confirms the theory.

I am interested in hearing your results, whether positive, negative or neutral - please use the link below to let me know your results and I will publish them in my blog.

The worst that could happen is you are a few pounds lighter of pocket, at the cost of making a few people smile and feel great.

From my personal, belief-changing experience, the best that can happen is:

  • You do get a big return financially.
  • You make people feel great - it's not the money but the message.
  • That you have fun beating surveillance technology.
  • Most important of all, you will feel wonderful; a cost effective way of feeling really good about yourself in a secret, pass-it-on style.

Good luck!