We all have times when events or feelings overwhelm us. I am sure we can all recall a memory of such a time. An opportunity to take back control is given below:

Simplicity is very often the best answer; to regain control we need to make a conscious decision and act on it; a simple algorithm of Think-Do (our chosen action rather than a reaction). Simply:

  • Pick a point in your line of sight; maybe a mark on the wall, a nearby piece of furniture - anything will do
  • Make a conscious decision to get up, walk to the object of your intent, and touch it
  • Walk back to your starting point

Too simple? Just try it!

During my martial arts classes, the simplest exercises can have the most effect; try this:

  • Stand up tall, and punch three times (or any other movement)
  • Lie on the floor
  • Stand up and repeat the punches.
  • Continue for three minutes

To take back control, simplicity will calm you. Think your thoughts, do your action, then relax in the knowledge you are in control of both.