NLP Life Talks, London 2016

Garry Jones is a Global Linguistics Leader, International Speaker, Transformational Coach and the author of the book "The Kiss of Life".

He worked for twenty years in private industry, starting on the shop floor to become a General Manager responsible for 1,100 staff. It was in this environment that he discovered his passion for developing people, helping many to attain top level careers worldwide.

Subsequent years of self-employment have given Garry a complete understanding of businesses both large and small, and the people who work within them.

He has a life long involvement with martial arts and, alongside his successful coaching career, runs a Muay Thai boxing gym which combines his love of physical fitness with bringing out the very best in his students through his forty plus years of experience.

Garry has a strong belief in achieving measurable results quickly and effectively. is unique experiences in the worlds of business, martial arts, physical and mental health, and spiritual development combine to create positive, almost alchemical, change in the lives and businesses of his clients.

His Vision is to have a lasting impact on 300 million people of the world. To leave a legacy of more smiles in the world.

He lives with his family in Herefordshire, U.K. and works with clients on a national and international level creating bespoke solutions to many and varied issues, from 1-to-1 coaching to developing teams and leaders in multi-million pound businesses.

To find out more, call Garry on 07818 508763.