Garry Jones is a Global Linguistics Leader, International Speaker, Martial Arts Instructor and a Transformational Coach.

He worked for twenty years in private industry and it was in this environment that he discovered his passion for developing people, helping many attain top level careers worldwide.

He has now owned his own successful businesses for 15 years, and his coaching and mentoring has helped groups as diverse as martial arts fighters and C.E.O.s, both nationally and internationally. He has proven success with sufferers of anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD.

Garry believes that the core risk to success is you, plus the environment you choose to be in. He will give you the tools to become the best you can possibly be, regardless of your perceived limitations.

His vision is to have a lasting impact on 300 million people and to leave a legacy of more smiles in the world.

In between coaching, instructing martial arts, and family, he will be found doing charity work for those with mental health challenges.

To find out more, call Garry on 07818 508763, or email